We can only truly grow in life to the level of our genuine Spiritual Maturity.

Our desire is to impact your growth trajectory towards greater heights by firmly establishing key Spiritual Foundations in your life.

Taking the 7 Biblical apostolic foundational principles, John leads us to be established, not merely taught, so that we then can begin to dynamically grow on towards genuine spiritual maturity.  Christianity was never intended to be a dead lifeless and impotent religious doldrum.  Rather it is designed and intended to be the path to a genuine, dynamic, supernatural, life-filled relationship with the living God.

I love the quote from  the infamous Vince Lombardy: “The man on top of the mountain didn’t fall there”. That statement truly says it all.  Success in life does not just happen.  Whether in your marriage, family, friendships or career. There are keys that work.

From 3 Keys to Success, Living Life...by the C.O.D.E. , The Heart and Soul of Leadership, Selling the Seven C’s, to Joining the T.E.A.M. You will find Successful Living Principles that can launch you towards reaching your destiny.  These principles are equally applicable to the individual as they are to a large group.  But it always begins with one.  We believe your best is on the way.

Living Life... By the CODE

Dynamic Successful Living Principles

Have you ever known someone who seemed to have that “Midas touch”?  At least to the outside observer it appears that everything they touch turns to gold.  Not just in financial matters, but in relationships, family, friends, career and just about everything else.

In my experience, seldom does that person actually exist. Most often those individuals have far more going on below the surface than is evident.  In addition, as is most often the case, they have arrived at this point in their lives through a series of trials and struggles.  What set them apart from the masses, is they knew The Code.  They had an internal understanding that propelled them to WIN.

What do the uber successful know that the average does not?

In this latest Successful Life Principles study, John Weldon takes you on the journey of a  destination makeover.  He helps you find the hindrances that are holding you back and in some cases even sabotaging your destiny.

In his usual easy to follow and understand style, he leads you into making the correct choices, re-aligning your beliefs and thought life, adjusting your trajectory, establishing your priorities, and launching you into a destiny fulfilling lifestyle.

There are four extravagant keys that cause you to be infectious and magnetic.  As you begin to understand yourself and what you are destined for, these inward adjustments began to take on a reality outwardly that  has the power to impact the world around you.  As your world is impacted positivity the laws of reciprocity kick in and begin to work on your behalf.

No amount of memorization, regardless how powerful the truth, can  consistently impact our destiny for the long-term.   Rather it is when we learn to internalize the truth, knowing it at a deeper level, that it takes root and begins to grow into a destiny reaching magnetic force.  Living Life… by the C.O.D.E can begin the journey.

Spiritual Foundation Principles

Successful Living Principles


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The single flame of a candle, seemingly so small and insignificant, can light hundreds perhaps even thousands of others… all without losing it’s own strength or life span.  Our goal is to bring the light into the world… one person… one family… one city… one nation… one candle at a time…

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