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Johnweldon.org - John Weldon is a Spirit filled, empowered evangelical, teacher, singer, and author.  An in demand Bible teacher and preacher who is devoted to the Scriptures and the fullness of the Holy Spirit.  He has ministered as a five fold minister (apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor teacher Eph 4) in the USA, Great Britain, Mexico, and Canada.  He is devoted to exalting God, establishing believers in truth, equipping the saints for ministry, and extending the gospel of the Kingdom to the world.  While having a Southern Baptist heritage, John believes that all the Biblical gifts of the Spirit are not only valid for today, but absolutely vital to fulfill the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Some may call him a Baptist, others may call him a Charismatic.  Perhaps he is something of a Bapticostal.  He is not about furthering the cause of any denomination or group.  He is about proclaiming and demonstrating the gospel in Spirit and in Truth.