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Raised the youngest child of a pastor, John has spent his entire life plugged in to the church and spirituality.  At the age of 22 he believed his call and purpose in life was to be a catalyst for genuine spiritual awakening.  After over a decade in Christian ministry and over 20 years in the business/corporate world his passion continues to increase in intensity.

“No one who is alive on the face of this earth is destined for mediocrity. Far too many of us settle , compromise, and lose the dream and destiny that God has created and placed within us. We are destined for greatness. We are destined to make an impact.  We are destined to change our world for the better. Never settle for less than God’s very best for your life!“

John Weldon has dedicated his entire life to taking the light and invading the darkness.  Equipped with a Christian and Biblical world view he skillfully lays a solid foundation that can enable people, regardless of age, gender, or station in life, to become all that they were created to be.  His focus is on establishing the individual in the key principles that can equip them to grow spiritually and in all areas of life.

From his perspective, the way to grow a genuinely successful organization is to grow genuinely successful individuals.  The TEAM principle (Together Everyone Achieves More) is true in a marriage, family, church, community,mom and pop business, and large corporation.  This is why his focus, regardless of the size of his meeting, event, or audience is always on the single individual.  As the old song says: “It only takes a spark, to get a fire going”.  Almost all great movements and success stories begin with one person catching and running with a vision.  It is equally true that they seldom reach the mountain top alone.

John Weldon is a dynamic motivational speaker, prolific author, spiritual mentor and inspirational musical artist who takes part in conferences, corporate events, leadership workshops, large and small group seminars and a variety of other venues.  He speaks to both churches and businesses bringing life-changing principles that can have genuine and tangible impact upon the audiences.

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A native Texan, John spent his formative years in middle Ohio, as far North as Lake Erie, and in the coal country of  Western Kentucky before returning to his home State of Texas.  John was married for 14 years before losing his wife tragically to breast cancer.  He also has one son who is a graduate of the US Air Force Academy.  John’s professional experience includes a viewpoint enhancing decade in Christian ministry and over 20 years in the business / corporate world.  His educational studies span to include South Plains College, Wayland Baptist University, Emmaus Road School of Ministry, Trinity Seminary, and Harvard University.

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The single flame of a candle, seemingly so small and insignificant, can light hundreds perhaps even thousands of others… all without losing it’s own strength or life span.  Our goal is to bring the light into the world… one person… one family… one city… one nation… one candle at a time…

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John Weldon John Weldon - Speaker - Author - Mentor - Artist

John Weldon - Dynamic Motivational Speaker, Prolific Author, Spiritual Mentor, Inspirational Musical Artist