- John Weldon is a Spirit filled, empowered evangelical, teacher, singer, and author.  An in demand Bible teacher and preacher who is devoted to the Scriptures and the fullness of the Holy Spirit.  He has ministered as a five fold minister (apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor teacher Eph 4) in the USA, Great Britain, Mexico, and Canada.  He is devoted to exalting God, establishing believers in truth, equipping the saints for ministry, and extending the gospel of the Kingdom to the world.  While having a Southern Baptist heritage, John believes that all the Biblical gifts of the Spirit are not only valid for today, but absolutely vital to fulfill the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Some may call him a Baptist, others may call him a Charismatic.  Perhaps he is something of a Bapticostal.  He is not about furthering the cause of any denomination or group.  He is about proclaiming and demonstrating the gospel in Spirit and in Truth.

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Born the youngest son of a Baptist Pastor, John learned virtually from birth, from his parents, what it means to know and walk with Christ.  He personally accepted Christ at the age of 9 and was baptized.  But at the age of 22 God placed a hunger in his heart to experience more of what the New Testament showed to be the norm in the early Church. His hearts desire to see genuine Spiritual Awakening and Revival has never left and has grown over the years. He longs to see the Body of Christ established, empowered and equipped to fulfill her destiny.  To be what God has called her to be.  To see His Kingdom come and His will be done on the earth, just as sure as it is in Heaven. He has served on the staff of 5 churches and ministered internationally.  His training includes Wayland University, Emmaus Road, and Trinity Seminary.

With the call of God on his life John’s passion is to see Jesus genuinely exalted in everything we do, to be a catalyst for biblical apostolic foundations being restored and the Body of Christ established, believers equipped and empowered to do the ministry of Jesus in the earth today, and to extend the hand and heart of a loving God extended to the world around us.  DL Moody and Smith Wigglesworth agreed that when the Word and the Spirit come together real spiritual awakening happens.

To Exalt, Establish, Equip & Extend In Spirit & In Truth

About John Weldon

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God has given John a deep respect for the Word of God from his youth.  He takes the admonition from Paul that, “not many should be teachers, for they will incur a stricter judgment” very seriously.  He has dedicated his life to “studying to show himself approved, a good workman, able to rightly divide the Word of truth.”  So when he preaches, teaches and otherwise ministers you can rest assured that he has dug deep into the Word to pull out the truth that sets people free.

Sound Bible Teaching... Devoted to the Truth

While God has surely gifted John Weldon with a good singing voice, there are many more talented singers out there.  What sets him apart from many is the strong anointing of God upon his life.  You can sense his heart and relationship with God as he ministers in song and experience the manifested presence of God as He responds to a worshiping heart.  Whether John is ministering in solo or leading corporate worship, you will be blessed as you are ushered into His presence.

Anointed Ministry in Music... Experiencing His Presence